New York, New York

“Ahhhh NYC, so nice to finally meet you” were my exact thoughts as I stepped off a flight I would rather forget. Fun fact; Flying into a blizzard, is in fact, not fun at all. Despite the shaky start (literally… the plane was bloody shaking), all was forgiven the moment I laid eyes on Manhattan’s streets COVERED in white. Then and there, I grabbed my bucket list and drew a huge fat tick next to “a Winter in New York.” Okay so it was technically Spring and I did not have a physical list on me, but, whatever… IT WAS SNOWING IN NEW YORK AND I WAS ALIVE TO SEE IT OMG OMG OMG!

As always, within my first few days of exploring, I took the role of dorky tourist very seriously. Empire State. Times Square. Central Park. Brooklyn Bridge. Rockefeller Centre. Broadway. Waffles. Pizza. Check, check, selfie, check. Then my favourite part of visiting a city could really begin. Introducing phase 2; Live like a local. Morning coffee from a small cafe down the lane, shopping off the main strip, mid week sporting match and dinner at a local pub. Not to mention the kilometers I covered just aimlessly walking with no set destination in mind.

Although my limbs were frozen, as each day of roaming passed, the warm feeling inside of me grew. I remember waiting for a coffee one morning, when I felt this sense that there was “someone important” in the same cafe. It’s hard to explain what I actually mean by that, or whether there even was (probably just Leo DiCaprio stalking me again), BUT, that’s just the thing about this city… It has an aura of magical energy and somehow, in amongst millions of people, you feel so insignificant yet so alive at the same time.

I once read a quote that stated “people always visit New York in search of something”, and personally, I found it. An overwhelming surge of inspiration smacked me in the face harder than the icy wind as I stepped out of Macy’s on 5th. It’s for this reason, I have dedicated my first blog post to a place that allows you to believe there is no reason why your everyday reality can’t be a dream. It all sounds a bit cliche, I know, but New York really did feel like a movie and for two weeks I considered myself to be Carrie freakin Bradshaw (only on a sliiiightly lower budget and wearing thermals in public…)!

So please, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and add New York to your travel list. As for those who have already visited… lets go back together? Like, tomorrow?

EA x


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