Dear you. Love me x

We’re all just stumbling our way through life, right? RIGHT? Well I know I am, and if you’re that person who arrives at work after your 10 hours sleep and morning gym class, with the perfect hair, ironed suit and pre-packed healthy lunch, then I hate you. Actually nah… I’m sure you’re really nice and I think we should be friends, A.K.A how about you spill your secrets over lunch one time (and by lunch, I mean, sharing that salad you brought in)? Sorry, I’m venting. Moving right along…

There is constant pressure to be a certain way or live a certain life, but in my opinion, it’s all crap. As long as you’re happy, you are doing life exactly how it should be done. Sure, you might not have the uni degree (guilty), the mortgage (also guilty), or have ever been on a plane, but that does not mean you’ve failed. In fact, I think you’re killing it. We all are! We get up every day and we survive. Whether that be the bitchy boss, the guy with BO on the train or the screaming children… We make it through. Then somehow, a week, a month and another year goes by and you’re still doing okay. Some may be more okay than others but even then, I can guarantee, they’ll have their struggles too.

It’s no secret that society loves to label individuals and because of this, we presume that we’re somehow lesser than your Brad Pitt or Kimmy K. You’re not. Once you strip back that stereotype or “celebrity” facade, you will likely find a person just like you. Flawed in many ways, but worthy in even more. Not convinced? Here, let me remind you…

1) You are your own worst enemy, so forget about the pimple that’s appeared overnight… It’s really not that big. Oh, and those few cheeky kilos you’ve gained over Winter? No one else can tell. Oh oh, and the stain on your top you had to grab from the washing basket because you had nothing else to wear? Yep, they didn’t notice that either.

2) “Fake it till you make it”. I have no doubt that even the adultest* of adults live by this policy. Take Donald Trump for example; That guy should have it tattooed across his forehead and look at him! He’s leading the most powerful country on Earth.
Now what’s stopping you from doing great things? FYI.. The answer nothing! Just get up and keep trying.

3) Remember this next time you’re stalking a bikini model you wish you could be; Social media is like the trailer of life’s movie. You only get to see the highlights people chose to share, when really, the rest could be pretty average.
Therefore, do not let a double tap, thumbs up or follower count define you, because your Insta, Facey or Twitter profile is not really who you are (same goes for that model).

4) Self love is NOT arrogance. If you truly believe in your own worth, others will too. Full stop. Zero bragging required.


Of course, no matter how many #inspo blogs you read (I tried okay), there will still be times when shit gets well… shit. It’s moments like these, when all else fails, I demand you grab a plastic cup of wine, pour yourself a warm bath and light some god damn candles because there is nothing that combination can’t fix.

Just ask Chandler!

EA x

*Totally made up a word.


Image sources – @thewriting and @thestargazersss

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